Wander Aimfully ~ Wonder Always

We are a collection of individuals coming together to learn, question, pray, laugh, cry, work, play, serve, honor, eat and drink in this journey of life and faith…together!

Our Purpose, Our Path

The Wayfarers Faith Collective approach is to gather together primarily those who seek a path of faith and spirituality but have little interest in wading through doctrine, dogma and the “institutional church.” Read more

Wayfarer Faith Collective

Wayfarers Gatherings

The Wayfarers community consists of a variety of different gatherings and activities that can lead to meaning experiences, building friendships, and deepening your spiritual and everyday life’s journey. Learn more

Big Questions – Thirsty Souls

Mondays in Milwaukee…Tuesdays in Port Washington. Whether it’s beer, soda or something else, grab your favorite beverage and join us to “drink in” life’s most confounding matters and mysteries! Learn more

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