Wander Aimfully ~ Wonder Always


At Wayfarers Faith Collective, we gather together those who seek a healthy path of spirituality, while understanding that this is a life-long journey with many questions to explore.

Dinner Gatherings

We gather groups of 8-12 people in a welcoming home, about once a month, where each group shapes its own unique, collective approach to faith and spirituality while planning, preparing and sharing a meal together. Learn more…

Collective Gatherings

These larger Collective Gatherings are intended to embrace elements of culture and arts as we explore and savor the richness of this life together, while collectively deepening our spiritual journey. Learn more…

Big Questions – Thirsty Souls

Join us to explore questions about morality, philosophy, politics, religion, science…whatever! Grab a beer or your favorite beverage and come drink in life’s most confounding matters and mysteries! Learn more…

Aimful Wanderings Journal

Upcoming Events

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