The Existential Bus to…

Welcome to Wayfarers Faith Collective, Milwaukee, WI

Are you looking for some company with whom you can aimfully wander this path of life, faith and spirituality? Well, this is a place for those with a wayfaring spirit to learn, question, share, laugh, cry, work, play, support, honor, eat and drink in this journey of life together.

We are a collection of smaller Dinner Gatherings that take place in welcoming homes throughout the Greater Milwaukee, WI area as far south as Kenosha and as far north as Port Washington. We also occasionally bring all the groups together for a larger Collective Gathering in Milwaukee. Feel free to navigate this website to learn more about us and what we do.

So, welcome to all you wayfarers out there open to sharing a delectable meal and looking for a safe and encouraging place to explore confounding life questions as we seek deeper spiritual meaning from our existence. We are part of a common journey as children of wonder in an ancient land as it passes through this timeworn universe.

Whew…that sounds profoundly intense, but don’t worry! We know how to have fun while we relax and enjoy the ride as well. So come on board, buckle in, and let’s see where this existential bus takes us together!


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