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New Life, New Realities

Easter has a history that encompasses so much in our culture, from the religious to the secular to everyday meaning and symbolism.  For those of you nerds and history buffs interested in what’s behind the naming of Easter, there are these tidbits about its complicated origins from the Venerable Bede (673-735), an English monk who wrote the […]

Stand Still and Let the Light In

It’s a new year! New beginnings can sometimes bring along with them a bit of the ”same old, same old” in tow as baggage. It’s our choice whether to winnow away some of that baggage or just try to keep it at bay and hope it doesn’t crowd our path. Of course, new year resolutions […]

The Existential Bus to…

Are you looking for some company with whom you can aimfully wander this path of life, faith and spirituality? Well, this is a place for those with a wayfaring spirit to learn, question, share, laugh, cry, work, play, support, honor, eat and drink in this journey of life together. We are a collection of smaller […]